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Watch our video recap of P.S You Are Here projects that have been completed so far...more to come!

2017 PSYAH from Denver Arts Venues on Vimeo .

In April 2014 and inspired by Denver’s new cultural plan, IMAGINE 2020, Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Denver Arts Venues launched P.S. You Are Here (PSYAH), a citywide creative placemaking and neighborhood revitalization program that cultivates collaborative, community-led outdoor projects in Denver’s public spaces. PSYAH funds help support creative, short-term physical improvement projects that aim to transform our underutilized urban spaces to increase collaboration, honor heritage, build civic engagement, beautify neighborhoods, enrich communities and inspire long-term change.

In 2017, PSYAH will fund $70,000 in grants, applicants can request up to $10,000 in funding per project. Grants must be matched 1:1 by applicants through cash or in-kind contributions (goods or services) or volunteer time.

2017 PSYAH TIMELINE Call For Proposals opens: August 17 Submission deadline: EXTENDED through October 4, 5 p.m. Award Notification: November 2017 Funding Implementation Period: December 2017 – December 2018

2017 PSYAH TIMELINE EXTENDED through October 4, 5 p.m.

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prior to filling out the online APPLICATION.



To be eligible, primary applicants must be place-based entities such as:

The following INELIGIBLE APPLICANTS may participate through endorsement or partnership with the above eligible applicants, but may not apply directly:




For additional questions and information, please reach Lisa Gedgaudas, Denver Arts Venues [email protected] 720-865-5560

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By Willa Paskin

Last week, Roseanne returned to ABC after a 20-year hiatus. The series, about the blue-collar Conner family, always seemed like a particularly well-timed reboot. It was a nostalgia play, sure, but one with a resounding reason to be: the election of Donald Trump. For eight seasons (ignoring the ninth, in which Roseanne seemed to have won the lottery) the Conners labored to make ends meet, hold steady jobs, and provide for their children, establishing themselves as members of the struggling white working class. When this group, motivated by racial resentments as well as economic fears, was widely credited with delivering the presidency to Trump—with an assist from Roseanne Barr, who also voted for him— youth nike free run
it would be a good time to bring back the newly relevant Conners. It would have been hard to predict how good a time. More than 18 million people watched the new Roseanne ,a gargantuan number for 2018 . ABC immediately picked it up for another season .

Roseanne has always been a political sitcom—Barr envisioned it, from the start, as explicitly working-class and explicitly feminist —and in the days after its ratings triumph, Roseanne has been dissected in a manner familiar from 2016 election post-mortems. What accounts for the show’s ratings victory? Had Roseanne ’s audience been underserved and undercounted by the media establishment? Is watching Roseanne morally defensible for conservatives? How morally indefensible is watching Roseanne for liberals?

The essayist and novelist Roxane Gay nike roshe one flyknit gym red 13
that she would not continue watching Roseanne , though she found it funny, because “This fictional family, and the show’s very real creator, are further normalizing Trump and his warped, harmful political ideologies.” Writer and political commentator Jared Yates Sexton, first in a viral Twitter thread and then for Elle , argued that Roseanne sanitizes Trump voters, ignoring their racism and intolerance and making the show a dream machine for someone like Steve Bannon, who worked so hard to convince potential voters that supporting Donald Trump didn’t mean they were prejudiced.” Meanwhile, Daily Show writer Daniel Radosh observed that Sexton’s argument was nearly identical to conservative Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro’s, who argued that critics love the show because it “recasts Trump voters as social leftists who just disagree about economics.” And then there was Trump himself, who called Barr to congratulate her on the ratings and, speaking to union members at a rally in Ohio , said, “Look at Roseanne! Look at her ratings! They were unbelievable! Over 18 million people! And it was about us!”

Though reliably sharp-witted, Macdonald makes his reputation as a coarse anti-intellectual. In this set, when you expect his next word will be “intelligence” or “information,” Macdonald goes instead for the untutored-sounding “smartness.” He insists that at gatherings he steers toward anyone he can find to “talk about Jughead comics for a couple hours” and indeed Macdonald claims before winding up the show, “Nothing I’ve said really is of substance.”

However, this carefully projected obtuseness hides another Macdonald who is indeed an avid reader, especially of classic literature. His parents were teachers, and Macdonald frequently cites Tolstoy as his favorite author. Last year he casually dropped womens air max nike running shoes 2019
of Nikolai Gogol’s “The Overcoat” into a text message exchange with an interviewer . Writing in The Week , Lili Loofbourow described Macdonald’s own book Based on a True Story as a story “pretending hard” not to be ambitious but called it an “experiment in hyperliterary comedy” filled with “difficult beauty” and “waves of lyricism,” comparing the faux-memoir to both Vladimir Nabokov’s Speak, Memory and Pale Fire .

Likewise in Hitler’s Dog , Macdonald tangles with Friedrich Nietzsche (“That which does not kill you makes you weaker , and will probably kill you the next time it shows up”) and Albert Camus (“Imagine if you woke up and you realized you were wrong about everything”) and enters at one point into a treatise on figurative language, claiming to distrust metaphors because of their lack of reciprocal correspondence between dual real-world and imaginary meanings: “I like the ones where the metaphor part is true and the literal part is true.” In so doing he sounds a lot like George Lakoff and Mark Johnson in the 1980 critical theory classic nike air max 1 premium black varsity red jordans
: “Conventional metaphor … pervades our conceptual system and is a primary mechanism for understanding—put[s] us at odds with the contemporary views of language, meaning, truth, and understanding.”

Edith joined Oceanwide Expeditions for a 21-day polar expedition cruise through the Falklands, South Georgia, and the South Orkneys to Antarctica....

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Overall rating based on 185 votes

Thank you to our expedition team for their passion enthusiasm about all things 'Antarctic'. Also fellow divers that shared lovely underwater images with 'landlubbers' like myself!

Eine Reise , die meine Frau und ich nie mehr vergessen werden. Unsere Erwartungen wurden bei weitem übertroffen. Egal ob es die Tierwelt oder die Natur betrifft. Man kann die Reise nur schwer mit Worten...

extraordinary journey, excellent food, very silent and confortable ship, exceptional crew and staff!!! recommended

It was a wish my husband and I had to go to Antarctica, and this March we finally went. We had high hopes and we can only conclude that this journey exceeded all our expectetsions. We have never had such a magnificent...

Perfekt. Danke für das einmalige Erlebnis.

Exciting wonderful trip. Crew. Excellent

Our voyages are “expedition” style cruise. Our emphasis is on wildlife encounters, personal contact with the environs, visiting sites of historical interest and to a lesser extent scientific stations. Our actual program will vary to take best...

That is hard to say. It depends on the weather and constraints of time and distance. Depending on the voyage, you may spend several days aboard the ship, followed by a series of landings, each several hours long. On some cruises you land two or three...

To join an expedition cruise to the Arctic or Antarctica, you must be in good general health and you should be able to walk several hours per day. The expedition is ship-based and physically not very demanding. Although we spend as much time as possible...

The choice of clothing for cold temperatures during your Arctic or Antarctica expedition cruise is a very special matter. It depends on your individual experience whether to take warm clothes with you. Our advice is to take warm, wind and waterproof...

All promoted Arctic and Antarctica cruise itineraries are for general guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice and weather conditions and ad hoc decisions by the Expedition Leader onboard to take advantage of opportunities to see wildlife....

For the safety of all passengers during our cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica we provide everyone with a lightweight inflatable life jacket, which inflates automatically on contact with water.It is mandatory to wear these life jackets all times...

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